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Top 10 Most Requested Siding for Aug. 2011

The Siding Top 10

by Estimates Requested for August 2011

  1. Vinyl Siding – Materials Only
  2. Vinyl Siding – Full Install
  3. Fiber Cement Siding – Full Install
  4. Vinyl Shake Siding – Materials Only
  5. Fiber Cement Siding – Materials Only
  6. Vinyl Shake Siding – Full Install
  7. Soffits
  8. Vinyl Siding – Small Job
  9. Soffits – Materials Only
  10. Cedar Siding – Materials Only

Why is this Top 10 list important?

If you are a Homeowner
… this Top 10 illustrates what is “most popular” and while WE are not typically an advocate of “going with the crowd” it illustrates an important point – if you had a staff of 46,000 people and they were all given the task of researching the Best Siding available today… what would stand out head and shoulders above the rest?

If you are a Siding Professional
… and interested in staying in touch with “What The People Want” then this Top 10 clearly shows what you can focus on to give your customers what they want.  I’m sure we can all agree… being out of touch with your consumer base is deadly to a company.

~ Key Points

There are several things to point out in this Top 10 list of Siding Estimates Requested:

  • 65% of the Top 10 are for Vinyl Siding
    • again illustrating Vinyl Siding as the #1 most popular siding in the United States.
  • 46% are for Materials Only
    • this one is something we’ve been watching for some time.  The increase in Materials Only estimate requests could be a result of the economic times and more people being subject to needing to renovate their homes exterior while needing to save as much money as possible.
  • 19% is for Fiber Cement Siding
    • illustrating Fiber Cement’s continued slip on the siding market share.
  • only 5% is for Cedar Siding
    • we suspect this is again due to Siding Cost being a major factor AND homeowners wanting a low maintenance siding solution.

In Conclusion

If you are a Siding Professional
… it really would behoove you to consider helping Homeowners get connected with the Siding Materials they want.
If you are a Homeowner looking for the right Siding for you
… you can take the wisdom of the masses and choose Vinyl Siding OR get educated about all of the siding options available to you and break away from the pack… either way, you can start with us on our Save On Siding system™ Step #1.

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