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Replacement Windows

Melting Vinyl Siding from Window Reflection

Good Video!

Although we don’t endorse the ice rock throwing statement, there is a lot of good information.

We’ve been getting numerous emails about this type of event occurring for several years now so we know this is not a farce.

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Replacement Windows Cost

Being a homeowner, especially a new homeowner, can be a time consuming and stressful situation when it becomes obvious that appliances and fixtures need to be repaired or replaced. It is an inevitable occurrence that every homeowner will have to encounter. One repair that homeowners tend to dread is replacing their windows, but in all reality, replacing windows can be relatively easy and affordable. Replacement windows cost very little if the homeowner is willing to shop around, right for the right time, and be open on the type of windows that will be installed in their home.

The willingness to shop around is what breaks most homeowners when they begin seeking and comparing replacement windows’ cost. That is what makes important to remember that the more time spent searching, will likely result in a larger savings overall. But, where should the homeowner start? Starting in their own mailbox is a great place. The large collection of Sunday ads will give the homeowner a good idea of which stores are in their market area. The ads will also let them directly compare prices on similar, if not identical, products. But, remember that all the products available at the store are not likely to be in the ad. The items on sale or items that they are looking to sell out of will be up front on the ad. This means the next step in finding your replacement windows’ cost will be to go to the store.
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Window Screen Replacement

Window screen replacement can appear daunting or time consuming to a homeowner, but replacing a simple screen is a task that can normally be completed by a home-improvement newbie as easily as a home-improvement pro. There are some questions that you’ll need to ask in order to get the right screen and get it installed correctly. You also may want to change the type of screen you have to better suit the needs of your home. Exploring the variety of window screens can be fun and give your home new life.

Since window screen replacement offers you a chance to change screen types, don’t feel nervous asking about the different types, brands, and manufacturers. There are generally five different types of screens: Insect Control, Sun Control, Weatherizing, Golf Ball Protection, and Allergy screens. The options could appear overwhelming, but it is important to remember that there are many people available to help you in your selection process. Window screen replacement also provides new options in regard to size, thickness, durability, color, and material.
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Replacing Windows? Get The Low-Down.

Replacing windows in your home can be a great option to reduce energy costs and to increase the resale value of your home. In older homes built before the 1950s, windows are often made of wood and single paned glass. These windows can be energy cost inefficient. Older windows do not have the ability to seal as well as new windows, and they are not made of glass capable to blocking and insulating your home correctly. These windows can literally let your hard earned money float out of your hands. However, replacing windows is rather easy. There are several advantages to window replacement, and things you should know before proceeding.

Checking for functionality is one of the first steps to take when replacing windows. The budget for your replacements will ultimately be the deciding factor for your project, but there are many variations in price and quality to examine before making your final selection. A good quality window can eliminate the need for storm windows if you live in an area with a frequency of storms, and a good window will also have features like an interior tilt to make cleaning easier. There are other ways to identify a good quality window as well.
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Why You Should Have Your Windows and Siding Replaced at the Same Time

Summer is on its way. The snow has melted and spring cleaning has worked its magic on your garage. The time has finally come to consider a few larger, more involved home improvements. Although shiny new kitchens and freshly tiled bathrooms usually make it to the top of the honey-do list, consider the importance of an external face-lift for your home. Replacing your home’s siding and windows isn’t just a matter of improving its curb appeal. Your old siding and windows could be costing you a small fortune. Homes with energy inefficient windows have much higher energy costs in comparison to their modern counterparts. It is tempting when considering these two home improvement projects to pick just one. In reality, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and replace your windows at the same time as your siding.

Replacing a home’s siding usually goes hand in hand with replacing its windows. The most obvious reason for this pairing is that it is simply less work. Caulking and sealing projects of this size is no small task. If windows and siding are replaced simultaneously, this process need only happen once. In addition, trim and siding will often have to be adjusted to allow for new windows. As long as the existing siding and trim around the edge of the windows needs to be removed, you may as well take on a full siding replacement.
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$1,500 Window Tax Credit: Dec 31st DEADLINE!!!

You heard right, the $1,500 Federal Window Tax Credit expires on December 31st, 2010!

Fast Track to the Federal Government paying up to $1,500 of Energy Efficient Windows in your home:

  1. Request a Window Estimate.
  2. Tell the contractor you want to take advantage of the “Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency”.  They will help you get your maximum allowable credits.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Consumer Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credit program.

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Window Report: Replacement Windows Ranked

House Siding StatsToday the Contractors With Integrity Network released a list of the most popular Replacement Window Estimate Requests ordered from the most popular to least popular. This list was comprised from actual window estimate requests and reveals all sorts of useful information for both homeowners and siding professionals alike. This is the most detailed look at what replacement window estimates homeowners actually make. Enjoy.

  1. Vinyl Windows – Multiple Windows Install
  2. Windows (General) – Multiple Windows Install
  3. Vinyl Windows – Materials Only
  4. Wood Windows – Multiple Windows Install
  5. Windows (General) – Materials Only
  6. Metal Windows – Multiple Windows Install
  7. Vinyl Window – Single Window Install
  8. Wood Windows – Materials Only
  9. Window (General) – Single Window Install
  10. Windows (General) – Repair
  11. Vinyl Windows – Repair
  12. Metal Windows – Materials Only
  13. Metal Window – Single Window Install
  14. Wood Window – Single Window Install
  15. Metal Windows – Repair
  16. Wood Windows – Repair

To request a Replacement Window Estimate from our Contractors With Integrity Network go to Replacement Window Estimates today.

Source: ContractorsWithIntegrity.com‘s Replacement Window Estimate Requests.
The Contractors With Integrity Network is a SidingWeb company; the SidingWeb also founded & owns this website (Siding4u.com).

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Vinyl Siding pulls 80% ROI in 2008


Vinyl Siding & Vinyl Replacement Windows have one of the best Cost vs. Value ratios (ROI) in this economy.

In a report by G.M. Filisko it is reported that “Remodeling magazine’s annual report shows that maintenance-related projects and moderately priced upgrades are providing stable paybacks, even in a slower market.” this is great news for siding market.

G.M. Filisko goes on to say, “Despite home price drops in many cities, remodeling projects are holding their own as a way for owners to add value.

Many people are wondering where their money will be safest during these uncertain economic times. When home owners turn to you for your expert advice, counsel them that some things never change: Investing in their home still pays off.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® statistics show that home prices have fallen by an average of 7 percent nationally in the past year. But the value of home owners’ investment in remodeling projects has declined only 3.86 percent on average between 2007 and 2008, according to Remodeling’s 2008–2009 Cost vs. Value Report.

Remodeling produces the Cost vs. Value Report each year in cooperation with REALTOR® magazine. REALTORS® responding to a survey in midsummer said home owners could expect to recoup a national average of 67.3 percent of their investment in 30 different home improvement projects. At the height of the housing boom in 2005, home owners could expect to recoup a national average of 86.7 percent on projects.

Remodeling remains hot in 10 cities, where, on at least some projects, home owners can recover 100 percent of their costs. In Charlotte, N.C., for example, decks, midrange kitchen remodels, vinyl siding, and window-replacement projects all would net more than they cost, in respondents’ estimation. High rates of recovery were seen in both strong real estate markets and weak ones.
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