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Vinyl Siding

New eBook? Maybe. Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Vinyl Siding Installation Like a PRO!

Buying Vinyl Siding Installation Like a PRO! ???  You have our attention!

Homeowners are being asked if they would like inside information about buying vinyl siding released via an eBook.  The proposed book from the desk of Robert Bury (the founder of Siding4u, Contractors With Integrity & the soon to be released eSiding network).  Robert Bury (the author) has spent the better part of the past 25 years educating homeowner’s about vinyl siding, it’s benefits and how to get it without paying too much.

“I’ve reached a lot of people so far but there are still homeowners paying way too much and to companies that honestly don’t deserve the business, in my opinion.  In this book I’ve honed the whole process down to it’s core steps and procedures plus I’ve added several things people won’t find elsewhere online.” ~ Robert Bury

When asked why Robert doesn’t just release this information online he said, “Several companies don’t want this information out there.  And we’ve been attacked before and didn’t have the capital to defend ourselves, it almost destroyed our efforts.  This time we need to be prepared.  Some of these companies are not happy about losing sales to honest contractors and when you are talking about homeowners paying 2 to 3 times what the honest contractors get, we’re talking about big big money because we’re talking about 100’s to 1,000’s of homeowners not going with the charming and ‘seems-like-a-nice-guy’ crooked companies.”

So this is kind of a different twist – this book may never be released, unless enough people speak up and say they want it.  You can read more and cast your vote here.

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Melting Vinyl Siding from Window Reflection

Good Video!

Although we don’t endorse the ice rock throwing statement, there is a lot of good information.

We’ve been getting numerous emails about this type of event occurring for several years now so we know this is not a farce.

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Vinyl Siding Colors In-Sight

image of a color wheel of vinyl siding colors fanned out

Today’s Vinyl Siding comes in a wide array of Colors

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular products used on the exterior of home’s today. It’s low cost and simple installation have caused a large boom in its demand. The increase in the demand has also given the market a large supply from manufacturers with differences in vinyl siding color to thickness or insulation. Homeowners that are shopping around for vinyl siding have a lot of options to choose from. Many manufacturers offer about 10 to 30 styles of vinyl siding, and often each style carries a number of different colors, sometimes in the excess of thirty a piece. This color wheel can make it difficult for choosing the right one. (continue reading…)

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Wholesale Vinyl Siding

Wholesale vinyl siding is a great option to consider when re-doing or installing for the first time an exterior finish to your home. Vinyl siding is manufactured by co-extrusion. It involves two layers of PVC being laid down on top of one another. Vinyl siding is usually made out of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, and a small bit of tin. The siding contains a pigment and other chemicals are added to resist the inevitable breakdown from UV light. Vinyl siding does not need to be painted, but like paint, it will fade over time. There are many variations in the wholesale vinyl siding that the consumer should be aware of before they purchase.

The main appeal to wholesale vinyl siding is the lower cost of materials. Vinyl siding can range from $1.00/sq. ft. -$7.00+/sq. ft., and the prices can be begin to sky rocket once you figure out the square footage of your home. This is the first step that you should take before shopping around and comparing prices on wholesale vinyl siding. Calculate the entire exterior square footage of the home, this way, when talking to stores, wholesalers, and contractors who have a solid number for them to base their prices off of. While talking to them, be sure to ask relevant questions about the material and services that they offer.
(continue reading…)

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So What the Heck IS a Square of Siding?

… you’ve asked and we’ve answered. 😉

Short Answer: 100 Square Feet.

1 Square = 100 Sq.Ft.

Long Answer,  from our Square of Siding definition page:

Square: (house siding)

Abbreviation: SQ

A Square is a term that is used by Siding Contractors, Installers, Suppliers and Manufacturers that is short for 100 square feet of siding.

Not sure what a “Square Foot” is?
See our: definition of Square Feet.

“Square” Bullet Points:

  • The terms “Square” and “Squares” are very common with Vinyl Siding professionals.
  • Vinyl Siding is typically sold in 2 Square (SQ) boxes.
    • 2 SQ = 2 Square = 200 square feet.
  • Vinyl Shake Siding is often sold in 1/3 Square or 1/2 Square boxes.
    • 1/3 SQ = 1/3 Square = 33.3 Square Feet
    • 1/2 SQ = 1/2 Square = 50.0 Square Feet

“Square” Examples in Communication: (continue reading…)

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POLL: What vinyl siding related questions would you like answers to?

We’d like to know more about what information you’d like to know more about.

What vinyl siding related questions would you like answers to?

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Surprising Top Cities for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Cities

Top Vinyl Siding Cities

Some of The Top Cities for Vinyl Siding may surprise you.

We ran the numbers, and plotted a map to show the cities with the highest number of vinyl siding estimate requests.  Of course ALL areas across the USA have requests for vinyl siding but if we plotted all of them on a map… you’d just have one big solid red map.  So to illustrate the most popular areas we applied a quantity & time frame threshold prior to plotting the map.

Here’s a short list of the Top 10 Cities for Vinyl Siding that  “frankly” surprised us (with links to the pages that generated them):

It just goes to show, unless you crunch the numbers, you really just never know.  Vinyl Siding has been the #1 most requested and searched for siding for many years now and as you can see it’s #1 all across the US.


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7 Steps to Saving BIG on Vinyl Siding

the Save On Siding™ system

Helping homeowners save on Vinyl Siding has always been one of our primary purposes for being online. NOW we have honed all of our knowledge, tools & inside information into an easy to follow system of 7 specific steps.

“If YOU were an ex-siding contractor, these are the exact steps you would take to save the most on siding… plus we give you additional inside information to ensure your success… I wanted to design a step by step procedure that anyone to could follow but was advanced enough to ensure that each potential siding consumer could shop like a pro and get the best deal possible for exactly what they want.”
~ Siding4u.com Founder, Robert Bury

(continue reading…)

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What Makes a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

The answer will be unique to each individual, home and situation… BUT there are some common elements that will be found with ALL Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installs…

Unique Vinyl Siding Before and After

First of all, what is a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

  • The vinyl siding LOOKS like wood.
    • That’s the whole point of vinyl siding… to look like wood BUT not require the constant upkeep that wood siding requires.
  • The LINES are straight and clean looking.
    • Installing vinyl siding is like exterior finish carpentry.  It’s the installers job to make the home’s exterior look good and that includes making up for “rougher areas” in the home’s exterior.
  • The installation lasts for at least the length of the product warranty and/or the installation’s warranty (which ever is longer).
    • Yes this is a bit of a no-brainer but it stands to mention that if an installation looks spectacular at first then after a few years it falls apart… well that definitely is not a “top notch” installation.
  • The installation process was a painless and quick procedure.
    • A vinyl siding installation is a major renovation and as “major renovations” go – it can be a stressful event.  A “top notch” vinyl siding installation team will work hand-in-hand with the homeowners to: reduce any potentially stressful situations, keep the homeowners informed about the progress of the installation and make the siding install as quick of a process as possible while maintaining a superior degree of craftsmanship and professionalism.

To get a top rate vinyl siding installation it takes at least these three elements:

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Melted Vinyl Siding on Good Morning America

Vinyl Siding depicted as dysfunctional again, this time on ABC News

ABC News video depicting melted vinyl siding

VIDEO: Vinyl Siding Melted

In the 9/30/2010 Good Morning America story about the damage caused by some energy efficient windows, vinyl siding is again showcased in a very poor light.  Albeit this is a very serious issue which we at Siding4u.com have been monitoring for quite some time, it IS however a reasonably rare occurrence.  It still should not be occurring.  HOWEVER… our concern is that media coverage of this phenomenon could deter homeowners from vinyl siding due to some freak occurrences like these.
In the video it does mention “… the extraordinary reflective heat can damage all sorts of surfaces, not just siding …” but the images of melted vinyl siding is what we believe will stick with the prospective siding consumers ~ not words. (continue reading…)

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