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NEW TOOL: Square Footage Calculator for Triangles and Gables

We just launched another useful tool, this one calculates the square footage of a triangle which is useful for calculating a home’s exterior square footage on a gable.  This calculator not only calculates a triangle’s square footage, it also calculates a triangle’s (gable’s) square inches and converts feet to inches and inches to feet. You can also enter inches only, feet only or a combination of feet and inches with decimal point too. Check it out: Square Footage Calculator Triangle

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NEW PAGE: Top 3 Siding Calculators Online Today!

Siding4U posted a new page yesterday listing the top 3 siding calculators online today… check it out.

siding calculators page screen shot

siding calculators page screen shot

The purpose of this page is to list all of our useful siding calculators that we have here at Siding4U. Calculators is a great way to quickly get to the numbers you need. We could tell you how to do something, and we do have lots of instructional content here on Siding4U but to actually give you calculators that do the “heavy lifting” for you, now that’s useful.

Need help with any of our Calculators? If you ever don’t understand some about any of our calculators, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. We created these siding calculators as tool to help you and the last thing we’d want is for them to be confusing in any way. (continue reading…)

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Need to Calculate your Siding Squares?

Area = Length x Width ÷ 100,   plus all the fixin’s…

a screen shot of the siding squares calculator in action

click image above to use this calculator

Whether you’re a siding contractor, do-it-yourselfer or a homeowner getting educated about vinyl siding, this calculator is gonna help you!
(continue reading…)

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Back by Popular Demand: Our Sq. Ft. Calculator

Without further ado… our New Square Feet Calculator.

screen shot of our new square feet calculator

click image above to see this calculator in action

Ok we get it, we get it!   You like our calculators…   😉

Due to popular demand we’ve updated our square feet calculator and put it back up at: http://www.siding4u.com/calculate-square-feet-for-siding.php.  Honestly the reason we move our square footage calculators off of Siding4u.com was because it looked like Google didn’t like us having so much interest in our calculators and we started losing traffic for our intended audience “house siding consumers and contractors”.  Now we believe our loss of traffic was due to the Panda updates.  Now we are working around the clock to correct the issues Google does want us to fix so that we may earn back our audience YOU!  Honestly, the whole point we are online is to HELP people just like YOU!  We don’t want you paying too much for siding… that doesn’t mean we expect siding contractors to work for free, they deserve an honest wage just like everybody else.  Our goal is to educate all parties involved and from there an agreeable common ground may be discovered. Calculators like this one are key to establishing that common ground.

When a Common Ground is Established, a True Win-Win Situation Can Occur.

(continue reading…)

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NEW Siding Squares Calculator

Siding Squares Calculator (screen shot)

We’ve created another useful siding calculator.  This one is for figuring out your Siding Squares.  See our Siding Squares Calculator at SquareFootage.org.
(continue reading…)

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Opinions of Siding4u.com’s Siding Cost Calculator

Your Opinions Help Us Improve!

Here are ALL of the opinions we received from the visitors of our Siding Cost Calculator page, in the last 6 months.

Reference Pages:
Our Siding Cost Calculator page
Our “Your Opinion Matters” page
NOTE: nothing has been omitted; only names and emails have been remove (IF they were submitted).

Actual Word-For-Word Opinions:

“Great site. If every important web site had such a personal,informative and friendly set up like “SIDING 4U” life would be so much better. thanks, ray”
~ Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 8:30 am

• • •

“very good gives lots of info”
~ Sunday, March 6th 2011, 1:26 pm

• • •

~ Sunday, February 27th 2011, 6:54 am

• • •

“I think its great since I knew nothing of pricing when it cam to siding. Thank you”
~ Friday, February 25th 2011, 2:58 pm

• • •

“very helpful info.
what about the vinyl siding that looks like shingles?”
~ Thursday, January 20th 2011, 7:21 am

OUR ANSWER: Vinyl Shake (or Shingle) Siding varies greatly in material and labor costs.  However to give you a ballpark idea – take the vinyl siding costs calculated and add $2.10 to the psf installed costs.  Example: with a vinyl siding installed ballpark estimate at $5.50 psf, add $2.10 would now be $7.60 psf installed.    NOTE: Most vinyl shake siding is used as an accent in gables or in select areas to keep costs down.

(continue reading…)

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Cedar Siding STILL the Most Desired and it Costs Less than You Might Think

I want cedar siding but can’t afford it!?!?
What… really?

Many people don’t realize that cedar siding costs a lot less than most people think.  What most people do know is that cedar siding is highly desirable… (psst) that’s what virtually all the vinyl & fiber cement siding is modeled after.  How so many people just assume cedar siding is outside of their budget is somewhat of a common phenomenon.

But I though cedar siding was crazy expensive?.?.

Nope.  We’ve seen many estimates for vinyl siding and fiber cement siding that were well over 50% more than what cedar siding would have been.  Some of those bids were for legitimatly expensive products but most were for outrageously overpriced siding products and service.

The truth is… (continue reading…)

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Square Footage Calculator – New Tool!

square footage calculator screen shot
This calculator doesn’t only calculate your square footage, it also calculates square inches, converts feet to inches and inches to feet. You can also enter feet only, inches only or a combination of the two. Check it out: Square Footage Calculator

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