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Premium Siding Domains & Siding Market Analysis


Attention Siding Contractors: free detailed online siding market analysis (hint: inside information)

Robert Bury of Driving Designs & founder of this website has developed a new algorithm for valuing domains but also (and more importantly for you) he is sharing inside information about the online siding market.

A little background, Robert has been working with the Siding Market online since 2001 and has been crunching numbers and obsessing over the details ever since.  We’re tipping you off so you can benefit from all of his hard work and gain insight into your industry online.

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SidingInstallation.com is for sale & WHY You Should Care???

Top level domains like SidingInstallation.com are extremely valuable… but why?

WELL… if you were searching for “Siding Installation” would you be more likely to click on a link for SidingInstallation.com or Home-Siding-Contruction-Guys.info ? Ya, we know – obvious right.?. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is ONLY ONE SidingInstallation.com in the whole wide world. That’s pretty significant as well.

Please allow me illustrate:
Advertising on Google’s AdWords to generate new clients can be very competitive, very expensive and every advantage is like gold. And when someone searches on Google the exact keywords are highlighted, subsequently drawing attention to certain ads and not others.  Keep in mind, it only takes people a fraction of a second to pick which link they will click and a slight advantage can make a HUGE difference in your bottom line.


click for larger view

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How Much Does Siding a House Cost?

vinyl siding on a house

House Siding

As many House Siding consumers have discovered you can pay a lot of siding BUT you really don’t have to if you know what to do. If I told you that some homeowners have easily paid double what they could have for siding on their home, would you believe me? And what if those people got sub-standard installations with lower quality products to boot … would you think I was exaggerating? Well the unfortunate answer is – it’s all true. But it doesn’t have to be for you and I’m going to give you the inside information you need to get deal when you are ready to put siding on your home.

Q): So How Much is House Siding Supposed to Cost?
A): much much less than you might expect.

10 Steps to Getting the Best House Siding Deal

note: the best deal isn’t always the lowest siding cost
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Exterior Home Siding Material Types

So you are looking for siding materials, well you’ve got lots to pick from like vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, cedar siding, composite siding, metal siding and rock siding to name a few. We will briefly dive into each category to give you a good idea of what type of siding materials you might be interested in.

Vinyl Siding Materials

Vinyl siding is the number #1 most used siding in the nation today. Many people prefer vinyl siding materials over other siding materials because it can be relatively inexpensive, doesn’t require painting, is very low maintenance and typically comes with a 50 year warranty. Vinyl siding comes in horizontal (lap), vertical, shingle/shake siding & soffits material types. Many other options are available. (continue reading…)

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Melting Vinyl Siding from Window Reflection

Good Video!

Although we don’t endorse the ice rock throwing statement, there is a lot of good information.

We’ve been getting numerous emails about this type of event occurring for several years now so we know this is not a farce.

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Vinyl Siding Colors In-Sight

image of a color wheel of vinyl siding colors fanned out

Today’s Vinyl Siding comes in a wide array of Colors

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular products used on the exterior of home’s today. It’s low cost and simple installation have caused a large boom in its demand. The increase in the demand has also given the market a large supply from manufacturers with differences in vinyl siding color to thickness or insulation. Homeowners that are shopping around for vinyl siding have a lot of options to choose from. Many manufacturers offer about 10 to 30 styles of vinyl siding, and often each style carries a number of different colors, sometimes in the excess of thirty a piece. This color wheel can make it difficult for choosing the right one. (continue reading…)

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NEW PAGE: Top 3 Siding Calculators Online Today!

Siding4U posted a new page yesterday listing the top 3 siding calculators online today… check it out.

siding calculators page screen shot

siding calculators page screen shot

The purpose of this page is to list all of our useful siding calculators that we have here at Siding4U. Calculators is a great way to quickly get to the numbers you need. We could tell you how to do something, and we do have lots of instructional content here on Siding4U but to actually give you calculators that do the “heavy lifting” for you, now that’s useful.

Need help with any of our Calculators? If you ever don’t understand some about any of our calculators, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. We created these siding calculators as tool to help you and the last thing we’d want is for them to be confusing in any way. (continue reading…)

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Need to Calculate your Siding Squares?

Area = Length x Width ÷ 100,   plus all the fixin’s…

a screen shot of the siding squares calculator in action

click image above to use this calculator

Whether you’re a siding contractor, do-it-yourselfer or a homeowner getting educated about vinyl siding, this calculator is gonna help you!
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Back by Popular Demand: Our Sq. Ft. Calculator

Without further ado… our New Square Feet Calculator.

screen shot of our new square feet calculator

click image above to see this calculator in action

Ok we get it, we get it!   You like our calculators…   😉

Due to popular demand we’ve updated our square feet calculator and put it back up at: http://www.siding4u.com/calculate-square-feet-for-siding.php.  Honestly the reason we move our square footage calculators off of Siding4u.com was because it looked like Google didn’t like us having so much interest in our calculators and we started losing traffic for our intended audience “house siding consumers and contractors”.  Now we believe our loss of traffic was due to the Panda updates.  Now we are working around the clock to correct the issues Google does want us to fix so that we may earn back our audience YOU!  Honestly, the whole point we are online is to HELP people just like YOU!  We don’t want you paying too much for siding… that doesn’t mean we expect siding contractors to work for free, they deserve an honest wage just like everybody else.  Our goal is to educate all parties involved and from there an agreeable common ground may be discovered. Calculators like this one are key to establishing that common ground.

When a Common Ground is Established, a True Win-Win Situation Can Occur.

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Fiber Cement Siding Costs, Pros and Cons

Fiber cement siding is a very durable and appealing product to look into when choosing the exterior siding for your home.
The advantages of choosing fiber cement siding greatly outweigh the disadvantages, but for some the disadvantages are a sticking point. What are they? Well, the big one is price. Fiber cement siding cost can fluctuate, but it is generally more expensive than vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost Comparison Calculator

The two main things that drive up fiber cement siding cost is its durability and resistance. Fiber cement siding can withstand impacts and the effects of moisture much better than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding undergoes an amount of expansion and contraction (a 1/4 inch per 12 feet is standard), depending on the outdoor temperature. Properly installed fiber cement siding can withstand the temperature changes, the weather, and won’t warp or begin to tear. The resistance it has to moisture also makes it less likely to molding however it won’t rot. Hardboard siding can be very vulnerable to mold and rot, especially down near the foundation or in spots that stay shaded. Not only that, hardboard siding can be destroyed be termites and other wood-infesting insects, which do not effect fiber cement siding – which is one of it’s huge pluses.
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