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Vinyl Shake Siding in Pictures

Certainteed's Monogram Vinyl Siding - Picture 1 - Click to Enlarge Certainteed's Cedar Impressions Vinyl Shingle Siding - Picture 1 - Click to Enlarge (64k)

Certainteed's Cedar Impressions Vinyl Shingle Siding - Picture 2 - Click to Enlarge (49k)

Certainteed's Cedar Impressions Vinyl Shingle Siding - Picture 3 - Click to Enlarge (38k)

Certainteed's Cedar Impressions Vinyl Shingle Siding - Picture 4 - Click to Enlarge (24k)

green half-round vinyl shake siding close-up

Vinyl Shake Siding: is vinyl siding molded from actual cedar shakes

house with vinyl shake siding, closer up view

What is Vinyl Shake Siding?

Vinyl Shake Siding is vinyl siding that has been molded from actual cedar shake siding. Some people call it "vinyl cedar shake siding". It has all the benefits of vinyl siding without the constant maintenance needed for cedar shake siding.

Shake siding has always been a very popular look but due to the cost of cedar shake siding and constant upkeep needed - many people avoided it. Now with products like Certainteed Cedar Impressions Half-Round Vinyl Shake Siding and Perfection Vinyl Shake Siding, homeowners can have all the best of both worlds!

Shown (left): Certainteed Cedar Impressions D7" Straight Edge Rough Split. Color: Buckskin.

Vinyl Shake Siding Price Quotes: Top Quality, Lowest Price,
FREE Vinyl Shake Siding Estimates from OUR Contractors With Integrity Network™ of Exclusive Contractors.

Top 5 Vinyl Shake Siding Tips:

  1. Get At Least 3 to 4 Estimates

    We can't stress this enough. Estimates! Estimates! Estimates! Honestly, do your research up front, before you sign anything. There is the perfect contractor just waiting for you - but you've got to find him or her. Often it takes several bids to find the right contractor at the right price... don't give up, it's worth it!

  2. Take YOUR Time

    You need to ensure the Vinyl Shake Siding you pick is right for YOU. Why? Because vinyl shake siding lasts so long, you need to consider this question “Will I like my Vinyl Shake Siding in 10, 20, 30+ years?” Yes you can paint vinyl siding but painting it kind of defeats the purpose. If you like to change the color of your home every so often then maybe you should consider fiber cement shake siding or cedar shake siding.

  3. Pick YOUR Vinyl Shake Siding Colors OUTDOORS!

    Indoor lighting and outdoor lighting are almost always very different. Because of this fact, we've always suggested that homeowners pick their siding colors outdoors because that is where their siding will be ... make sense? Also, colors (especially with vinyl siding) will often appear differently in direct sunlight, overcast & other outdoor lighting situations.

  4. Ask to see Vinyl Shake Siding References

    When you settle on a few Vinyl Shake Siding styles and colors you like – ask for a list of homes in your area with the style and colors you are interested in. Most vinyl siding suppliers & manufacturers can obtain this list for you. The contractors you are deciding between may also have some houses you can go and look at.

  5. Order Extra Vinyl Shake Siding to ensure a Perfect Color Match?

    It’s a very good idea to order a little extra vinyl shake siding for potentially need repairs. Don’t bank on the vinyl siding supplier having your exact color down the road. Vinyl siding manufacturers discontinue colors more often than you might think. Also, different ‘runs’ of vinyl siding can differ in color, sometimes slightly and other times the color might be a whole shade different. You will need a flat, protected area to store your extra vinyl siding.

The Fastest & Easiest way to get the Best Deal on Vinyl Shake Siding.
founder,"... I wanted to design a step by step procedure that anyone to could follow but was advanced enough to ensure that each potential vinyl shake siding consumer could shop like a pro and get the best deal possible for exactly what they want. Our Save On Siding™ system is exactly that and then some."
~ Founder, Robert Bury
Our 7 step Save On Siding™ system:
  1. Define Your Project
  2. Define What You Want (getting specific)
  3. Measure Your Home's Exterior (and why you need this)
  4. SOS™ EDU 101 (inside info. before you get estimates)
  5. Get FREE Estimates (learning how & why)
  6. SOS™ EDU 201 (research, comparison & evaluation)
  7. How to Pick the BEST Estimate, Price & Company for YOU
Save On Siding system  logo If you follow the Save On Siding™ System as we have detailed - we promise that you will save on your vinyl shake siding, period!*   How can we make such a promise? This program was designed by: the nations top siding consumer advocates, ex-siding company owners, ex-siding salesmen and master craftsman siding installers. We've got all the goods on how to save on vinyl shake siding and we're passing our inside information on to you. To learn more go to our Save On Siding™ details page.
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