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We shares information about vinyl siding including cost, colors, styles materials, products
prices and more, so you can make an informed decision.

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Vinyl Siding Prices - The Problem & The Solution

“ Vinyl siding cost breakdowns and installed vinyl siding prices are still such a
mystery to so many consumers but we are making great headway in changing that. ”

Why Is This a Problem?

“It’s quite simple really, there are some siding companies out there who are charging outrageous prices. Their siding costs so much it’s simply amazing anybody falls for it but that’s only because some people don’t know how much it should cost. How do they sell at their outrageous prices? They trick the homeowners with high pressure sales tactics into thinking they are getting better products that are installed more professionally.

In my experience: this is absurd, dishonest and simply untrue. I have seen more shoddy jobs, irate customers, low grade products and sub-standard workmanship by these sorts of companies than all others combined.

So What's The Solution?

“In one word – education. If consumers are made aware what average prices are and how much siding should cost – the task of the high pressure, overpriced siding salesperson becomes insurmountable and rightly so. We give you that information with our ball park vinyl siding cost calculator, average vinyl siding prices based on specific products and our vinyl siding cost analysis spreadsheet pages. Our goal is to educate every siding consumer so THEY can make up their own minds rather than being pressured into overpaying for vinyl siding.”


Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Compared to Fiber Cement and Cedar Siding Costs Calculator See a comparison of Economy Vinyl , High Quality Vinyl, Fiber Cement Lap with Painting & Average Cedar Lap Siding with Painting all calculated for your project’s exact exterior square footage.

This calculator has already saved a lot of people a ton of money, you could be next.

Vinyl Siding Product Information

Including costs, colors, price maximums, pictures, manufacturers all on specific vinyl siding products with details galore.
We give you the full picture on products so you can make up your own mind.

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Failing House Siding Help

Resources and Advice on Failing House Siding, Failing Composite Siding and Failing LP Siding. Failing lp siding is a 5 stage process – see what stage your lp is in.

Also get answers to these questions and more:
Should I buy a home with lp siding?
Should I buy a home with lp siding on it if I’m paying cash?
Should I buy a home with lp siding on it if I’m getting financing?
I have failing LP Siding, what should I do?

  • Siding Cost Calculator – compare ball park pricing for vinyl, cedar & fiber cement siding based on your home’s exterior square footage.
  • Square Feet Calculator – It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, cedar siding or any other type of siding… you NEED to know how many square feet the exterior of your project is.
  • Siding Squares Calculator – calculate the number of siding squares your project will need and also learn about calculating waste and converting your siding squares to the number of boxes you’ll need for vinyl siding.
  • How to Calculate Your Home’s Exterior Square Footage – calculating your exterior square footage is a very wise thing to do when you are entertaining new siding.
  • The Siding Blog – Our blog is about siding and replacement windows where you can get the inside scoop on all sorts of useful information for both consumers and contractors alike.
  • Siding Forum – Ask Questions & Get Answers!
    Read siding and window related posts,
    ask questions and get professional advice – all on The Siding Forum.
  • Siding FAQ – Get answers to frequently asked siding questions.
  • Siding Dictionary – Definitions of Siding Terms. See definitions for terms like: exterior square feet, per square foot, PVC, underlayment and more.
The Siding Blog

“Industry News for Vinyl Siding and Window Replacement”

What is “The Siding Blog”? The Siding Blog is our place on the web that we use to post news articles about siding and siding related topics. It includes: Breaking News, Industry specific articles, updates to and a whole wealth of other useful siding information. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.


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– Owner of FIFS Carpet Cleaning in Lawrenceville GA

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