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The Cost Of Vinyl Siding Compared To Cedar Siding

The Cost of Vinyl Siding compared to Cedar Siding

Most people think that the cost of vinyl siding should be significantly less than cedar siding and they would be right… unless they get talked into paying too much for vinyl siding.  Let’s break it down and arm you with some knowledge.

Quality Vinyl Siding Costs Around 21% Less Than Cedar Siding INSTALLED

Using our own vinyl siding cost calculator and entering 2,000 exterior square feet (2,000 is the typical average) and we see the Industry Average is $11,000 for Quality Vinyl Siding and $14,000 for Lap Cedar Siding.  $11,000 is 78.57% of $14,000 thus giving us a 21.43% difference between the vinyl and cedar.

But You COULD Pay More For Vinyl Siding Than Cedar Siding If You’re Not Careful

Unfortunately in life not everybody is honest.  There are a good amount of siding salespeople out there who are more than ok with tacking on an extra $5,000+ on top of what the going rate is for vinyl siding.  And is this exclusive to vinyl siding?  Of course not. Our government, big business & health care all do it – charging outrageous amounts for products & services.  And of course that doesn’t make it right.  The thing is this, there has been a good amount of disinformation about siding prices for a lot of years now.  And it is getting better.  Our objective is to give you the information and let you decide.

Personally it makes me sick to see a homeowner pay $5,000+ too much for vinyl siding.  I have often looked at a situation like that and thought, “that homeowner could have gotten better products, installed more professionally and bought a brand new hot tub or had taken their family on a lavish vacation for that kind of money?  It’s one of the biggest reasons for this website.

So, HOW To MAKE SURE You Don’t Pay Too Much For Vinyl Siding?

  1. Measure your own home’s exterior square footage. This will arm you with a base point for having an intelligent discussion about the price of siding for your home.
    1. You can use our Detailed Method for Calculating Your Exterior Square Footage
  2. Educate yourself about how much to expect your vinyl siding will cost (or any siding costs for that matter)
    1. Enter your home’s exterior square footage into our Ballpark Siding Cost Calculator
      The bids you get will of course vary but these numbers will give you a base line for having an intelligent discussion about how much you are willing to pay for your siding.
  3. Get 3 to 4 Siding Estimates for Comparison
    1. You can get your estimates from our pre-screened contractors here: Vinyl Siding | Fiber Cement Siding | Cedar Siding
    2. We have a 7 Point Save On Siding system that you will have access to by going through us.
  4. Research the Companies that you are CONSIDERING
    1. This is a very important step, picking the right company for you is crucial
      1. Are they legal?
      2. Do they have complaints?
      3. Do they have references? (check those references)
  5. Don’t Let Price be the only important factor – Pick the Company that is Right For YOU!
    1. Everyone is different and there are a lot of different types of contractors.  The objective is to have a positive experience AND to be cost effective.  And those two things are not exclusive of each other.
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