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Actual Vinyl Siding Job With Detialed Price Breakdown

Actual Vinyl Siding Job with Detialed Price Breakdown

Want the REAL Details on a Vinyl Siding Job well check out the Two Story Face Lift – Vinyl Siding Details

Project Scope: There was a real rot issue that we dealt with by removing the bad portions (including all LP horizontal lap siding), re-sheeting, treating and sealing with Vulkem caulking. Then we installed Tyvek underlayment and sealed around the windows and doors with Tyvek tape. Thus, creating a very effective weather membrane under the soon to be installed new siding. Next was the installations of the siding, which was all performed flawlessly as usual. Then we pressure washed the gutters, eves and overhangs – painted the shutters to match the trim and reinstalled them – and did a final finish cleaning of the siding and jobsite.

The most detailed look at a Two Story Siding Job. Including price, square footage, pictures and details.

Products used:
Certainteed Monogram Vinyl Siding color Sandstone Beige, Trim color Ivy Green, Tyvek underlayment

Services rendered : 
LP horizontal lap removal, rot repair, applied fungicide treatment, installed Tyvek, Vinyl siding installed, pressure washed gutters, eves & overhangs

Interior square footage:
2,398 sq.ft. (1,998 sq.ft. livable space + 400 sq.ft. garage)

Exterior square footage raw:
2532 sq.ft. (raw surface area)

Material square footage needed: 
2848.5 sq.ft. (material needed)

Vinyl Siding Price: 
Siding 2848.5 sq.ft.x $4.50 = $12,818.25
Tear-off 601 sq.ft. x $0.50 = $300.50
Total = $13,118.75

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