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Cedar Siding STILL The Most Desired And It Costs Less Than You Might Think

Cedar Siding STILL the Most Desired and it Costs Less than You Might Think

I want cedar siding but can’t afford it!?!?
What… really?

Many people don’t realize that cedar siding costs a lot less than most people think.  What most people do know is that cedar siding is highly desirable… (psst) that’s what virtually all the vinyl & fiber cement siding is modeled after.  How so many people just assume cedar siding is outside of their budget is somewhat of a common phenomenon.

But I though cedar siding was crazy expensive?

Nope.  We’ve seen many estimates for vinyl siding and fiber cement siding that were well over 50% more than what cedar siding would have been.  Some of those bids were for legitimatly expensive products but most were for outrageously overpriced siding products and service.

The truth is…

Cedar siding costs (on average) about 14% more than fiber cement siding and 21% more than vinyl siding.  Some unscrupulous siding salesman would have you believe cedar siding costs 100% more (double) but that simply is not that case.

So who do I have to know to get a good deal on cedar siding?

It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.
1) Use the Siding Cost Calculator to get your “Ballpark Siding Prices”
2) Read how to Select a Quality Siding and Window Company
3) Start with at least 3 to 4 cedar siding estimates – Read Why we suggest you get at least 3 to 4 siding estimates
4) Stay determined to get The Right Price, Products & Contractor for you

And that’s the inside scoop on “how to get a good deal on Cedar Siding” from the Pros!

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