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$1,500 Window Tax Credit: Dec 31st DEADLINE!!!

$1,500 Window Tax Credit: Dec 31st DEADLINE!!!

Fast Track to the Federal Government paying up to $1,500 of Energy Efficient Windows in your home:

  1. Request a Window Estimate.
  2. Tell the contractor you want to take advantage of the “Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency”.  They will help you get your maximum allowable credits.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Consumer Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credit program.

Window Tax Credit Overview

  • 30% of the Window Costs ~ Up To $1,500  (not including installation/labor costs).
  • Window Requirements:
    • U factor <=0.30
      • U-Factor measures how well a window, door, or skylight prevents heat from escaping. It is similar to the R value for insulation. The lower the number, the more efficient the window. Ratings usually range from 0.20 to 1.20.
    • SHGC <=0.30
      • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) measures how well a window blocks heat from sunlight. The lower the SHGC, the lower the heat gain through a window. SHGC ranges from 0 to 1.

This tax credit is also on Insulation (in Wall & Siding House Wrap), Roofing, Doors, Water Heaters and more.
For more information please visit the Energy Star’s page on Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency.

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