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Melted Vinyl Siding On Good Morning America

Melted Vinyl Siding on Good Morning America

Melted Vinyl Siding on Good Morning America

In the 9/30/2010 Good Morning America story about the damage caused by some energy efficient windows, vinyl siding is again showcased in a very poor light. Albeit this is a very serious issue which we at have been monitoring for quite some time, it IS however a reasonably rare occurrence. It still should not be occurring. HOWEVER… our concern is that media coverage of this phenomenon could deter homeowners from vinyl siding due to some freak occurrences like these.
In the video it does mention “… the extraordinary reflective heat can damage all sorts of surfaces, not just siding …” but the images of melted vinyl siding is what we believe will stick with the prospective siding consumers ~ not words.

Our founders comment on the video, “Melted siding due to intense heat from Low-e windows is a very serious issue in my opinion but, it is a pretty rare occurrence and window manufactures are working to correct the issue. Vinyl siding is still the nations #1 most used siding product and when installed correctly is a very cost effective and low maintenance siding solution.” ~ Robert Bury, founder

We will continue to keep you posted as this saga continues. To learn more about this phenomenon read our post titled “Melting Vinyl Siding from Window Reflection” and the subsequent comments discussion that was started back on Mar. 10th 2009.

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