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Siding Materials Only Gaining On Vinyl Siding Installed Estimate Requests?

Siding Materials Only Gaining on Vinyl Siding Installed Estimate Requests?

BREAKING NEWS! Are Siding Do-It-Yourself-ers Growing in Popularity over the king Vinyl Siding Installed professionally estimate requests?
You be the Judge…
In a report just released one can clearly see a solid number of “Materials Only” estimate requests where their once should have been “Vinyl Siding – Full Install” estimate requests. This could be an emerging trend or a mere blip on the radar. Rest assured we will keep our eyes on it and let you know if we see a solid “siding trend shift.”

CWIN(tm) Estimate Request REPORT:
Timeframe: from:(Sun, November 28th 2010 4:22am) to:(Thu, December 2nd 2010 5:47am)

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