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Vinyl Siding Prices Exposed Via The Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Vinyl Siding Prices Exposed via the Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Why Expose Vinyl Siding Prices?

There used to be a day when homeowners who were interested in vinyl siding could only get a ballpark vinyl siding price idea by inviting a siding salesman into their home. And then they really didn’t have any negotiating power because there wasn’t a baseline standard on how much vinyl siding should cost.  Unscrupulous vinyl siding salesmen (tin men, from the aluminum siding days) could then convince prospective siding consumers to overpay 2, 3 or even 4x as much as they should and when you are talking big ticket items like home remodels the price tag for vinyl siding could get enormous – and often did.  That all changed when our founder Robert Bury began educating homeowners about siding prices back in 1996.  Now in 2011, 15 years later, Mr. Bury’s vision of putting the power back in the consumers hands is a full blown reality.  In Mr. Bury’s words, “… I love the feeling of helping people I will never get a chance to meet.  I know that house siding isn’t the vehicle to world peace {joke} but if we all would govern ourselves with a little more in integrity and do what we know is right, the world would become and even sweeter place to live.   I’m just doing my part in an industry I happen to know a lot about.”

We thank you Mr. Bury (call me Robert is what he would say to that) you have been an inspiration to us all at and the whole Siding Web™ group.  Here’s to another year of helping people we may never meet in 2011.

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