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How Much Does Siding A House Cost?

How Much Does Siding a House Cost?

As many House Siding consumers have discovered you can pay a lot of siding BUT you really don’t have to if you know what to do. If I told you that some homeowners have easily paid double what they could have for siding on their home, would you believe me? And what if those people got sub-standard installations with lower quality products to boot … would you think I was exaggerating? Well the unfortunate answer is – it’s all true. But it doesn’t have to be for you and I’m going to give you the inside information you need to get deal when you are ready to put siding on your home.

Q): So How Much is House Siding Supposed to Cost?
A): much much less than you might expect.

10 Steps to Getting the Best House Siding Deal

note: the best deal isn’t always the lowest siding cost

  1. Learn how much house siding should cost.

    1. This will give you ranges of what to expect.
    2. Read possible justifications for each range.
  2. Measure your own homes exterior.

    1. Regardless of what anybody says, almost all calculations associated with your home’s siding cost will be based on the exterior square footage of your home.
  3. Learn what a legal siding company looks like and what to ask.

    1. Research what the contractor requirements are for your area.
    2. Ask for those credentials.
  4. Get 3 to 4 Free Siding Estimates for comparison. ***IMPORTANT***

    1. This is crucial! If you don’t shop the market you won’t know if you are getting a good deal or not.
    2. 3 or 4 might not be enough … continue to get estimates until you have 3 or 4 Quality Bids to compare.

    This is easy enough to find out thanks to Google.
    See: Google Search

    1. EXAMPLE: if you are considering requesting an estimate from XYZ
      1. Do a search on Google for “ sucks” (add “sucks” on the end).
      2. NOTE: some companies have gotten wise to this technique so you might have to scroll through a few pages of results to get the real story.
    2. Try searches on other websites like:, & other similar websites.
    3. IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP: I don’t like being the one to tell you this but, there are some real “jerk” siding companies and estimate request centers. Horror stories include: countless phone calls, selling your information to 3rd party’s, people continuing to call 6 months later, high pressure ‘jerk’ salesmen, spam, rude, aggressive, and the list goes one. Just do your research and You’ll Be Fine and avoid this type of thing.
    4. Stick with the good guys. Shameless plug: try our Contractors With Integrity Network(Cwin for short).
      1. Cwin contractors are required to uphold standards that other programs don’t require.
        Some of those requirements are:
        a) LEGAL TO PERFORM SAID SERVICES – All service providers (contractors) MUST remain “Legal” to perform the given and said services for the specific locations they ascribe themselves to.
        b) FAIR PRICING – All contractors are required to price their services in a fair and ethical fashion according to the said market in question.
        c) HIGH LEVELS OF INTEGRITY – High levels of integrity are required to be a member of this program.
        d) FREE DETAILED ESTIMATES – All resulting estimate requests (originating from us) are to be given free of charge to the homeowners.
        e) NO PRESSURE TACTICS – This program is not designed for high pressure sales service providers and their tactics, any such actions will not be tolerated.
  6. Get Detailed Estimates in Writing!

    1. Only compare estimates that are in writing.
    2. If it’s not in writing, don’t expect to get it.
    3. If the company is too lazy or doesn’t want to give you a written estimate, ask yourself “Why?” Companies that don’t give written estimates are often up to something.
    4. This goes for the salesman who writes a number on the back of a business card, verbal numbers AND VAGUE WRITTEN BIDS.
  7. Check the Siding Contractors / Companies with Local & State Agencies & Government.

    1. Every area is different. Check with the local contractor boards, local contractor registration agencies and government. See if they are “legal” to do business.
    2. See if there are any judgments or complaints against them.
  8. Get References / Check References.

    1. Self explanatory … but often overlooked.
    2. What you want to see is that the company has at least a handful of happy clients
    3. BUT more importantly you want to SEE the quality of their work.
    4. Try to get references on the products you are looking to have installed.
    5. A Quality Company will have these references handy.
  9. Compare Siding Estimates by Material Grade and What’s Included.

    1. Compare Siding Estimates by Material Grade:
      1. Vinyl Siding is chiefly rated in thicknesses of: .038, .040, .042, .044, .046 & .050.
      2. Residential grade Vinyl Siding is typically .044 and .046. And these two thicknesses typically perform very well. .042 is usually a discount residential grade but often ‘can’ work ok for residential applications.
      3. .038 thru .040 are typically economy builder / apartment grade products and often are the reason why some people say they don’t like vinyl siding. Why? It’s pretty thin and most often doesn’t look so good after a full year of seasons.
    2. Compare Estimates by What’s Included:
      1. Consider the costs vs benefits of each of the included items in your estimates.
  10. Pick the Estimate, Price & Company that is Right For You.

    1. Which choice do you ‘feel’ best about? You know that little ‘gut feeling’ we get … what does your ‘gut’ tell you? The lowest price is often not the ‘Best Deal”.
    2. Communication is KEY to getting a great Vinyl Siding job. Make sure you pick a company that you ‘feel’ understands your needs and puts YOU First!
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