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The Problem With Vinyl Siding Prices & The Solution

The Problem with Vinyl Siding Prices & the Solution

Vinyl siding cost and vinyl siding prices are still such a mystery to so many consumers but we are making great headway in changing that. 
Why is this a problem? It’s quite simple really, there are siding companies out there (mainly the big national & name brand endorsed ones) who are charging outrageous prices. Their siding costs so much it’s simply amazing anybody falls for it but that’s only because people don’t know how much it should cost. How do they sell at their outrageous prices? They trick the homeowners with high pressure sales tactics into thinking they are getting better products that are installed more professionally and backed by honest companies. In my experience: this is absurd, dishonest and simply untrue. I have seen more shoddy jobs, irate customers, low grade products and sub-standard workmanship by these sorts of companies than all others combined.

So what’s the solution? In one word – education. If consumers are made aware what average prices are and how much siding should cost – the task of the high pressure, overpriced siding salesman becomes insurmountable and rightly so. We give you that information with ball park vinyl siding prices, average vinyl siding prices and vinyl siding cost analysis pages. Our goal is to educate every consumer so THEY can make up their own minds rather than being pressured into overpaying for vinyl siding.

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