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What Makes A Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

What Makes a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

The answer will be unique to each individual, home and situation… BUT there are some common elements that will be found with ALL Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installs…

First of all, what is a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

The vinyl siding LOOKS like wood.
That’s the whole point of vinyl siding… to look like wood BUT not require the constant upkeep that wood siding

The LINES are straight and clean looking.
Installing vinyl siding is like exterior finish carpentry. It’s the installers job to make the home’s exterior look  good  and that includes making up for “rougher areas” in the home’s exterior.
The installation lasts for at least the length of the product warranty and/or the installation’s warranty (which  ever  is longer).
Yes this is a bit of a no-brainer but it stands to mention that if an installation looks spectacular at first then after a  few years it falls apart… well that definitely is not a “top notch” installation.

The installation process was a painless and quick procedure.
A vinyl siding installation is a major renovation and as “major renovations” go – it can be a stressful event. A    “top  notch” vinyl siding installation team will work hand-in-hand with the homeowners to: reduce any              potentially stressful situations, keep the homeowners informed about the progress of the installation and make      the siding install as quick of a process as possible while maintaining a superior degree of craftsmanship and       professionalism.

To get a top rate vinyl siding installation it takes at least these three elements:

  1. In conclusion, a “top notch vinyl siding installation” will vary depending on several factors but if the items mentioned her are present – the Vinyl Siding install will most likely be a Top Notch one!Skill & Knowledge in Installing Vinyl Siding
    1. Installing vinyl siding is not like installing cedar, wood or fiber cement siding.  Vinyl siding installations require a very unique skill set to produce a great looking finished product.  Mastering all of these needed skills takes a considerable amount of time as a full time vinyl siding installer and under the watchful eye of a Master Vinyl Siding Carpenter.
  2. Professionalism
    1. An important part of the vinyl siding installation process is how the siding installation team conducts themselves while they are on-site.  These are peoples cherished homes that they are working on, typically a home is a family’s most significant investment.  How the job site is kept clean, how the neighbors are accommodated, how vehicles are parked, how shoes are removed if an installer needs to enter the home… these are all things that occur when the siding installation team exhibit proper levels of professionalism.
  3. Attention to Detail
    1. It’s in the details where Top Notch Siding Installations stand out from the average siding install…  and this is especially true with Vinyl Siding.  So what does “Attention to Detail” mean when talking about vinyl siding?  With Vinyl Siding the things to look for are:
      1. The laps (lines) in the siding match up… especially on the corners.
      2. The panels are straight and flat when you look down the wall (devoid of “waves” as much as possible).
        1. Yes, some “waves” are unavoidable and do commonly occur with cedar and fiber cement siding… often more so with cedar and fiber cement in actuality.  Walls on a house aren’t any where as “flat” as most people think due to variations in the studs… it’s quite common.
          However it is the job of the siding installer to “cover up” as many of these wall imperfections as possible.
      3. The window trim looks clean and crisp… and most likely mitered.
      4. Very little “exposed” caulking and if it is visible, it’s clean, smooth and neat.
      5. The finished product is clean, dry and pencil mark free.
      6. Everything looks consistent and “like” wood as much as possible.
If you are looking to have Vinyl Siding Installed on your home and you want a Top Notch Install – the best place to start is in requesting a Vinyl Siding Estimate with us.
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