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Surprising Top Cities For Vinyl Siding

Surprising Top Cities for Vinyl Siding

Some of The Top Cities for Vinyl Siding may surprise you.

We ran the numbers, and plotted a map to show the cities with the highest number of vinyl siding estimate requests. Of course ALL areas across the USA have requests for vinyl siding but if we plotted all of them on a map… you’d just have one big solid red map. So to illustrate the most popular areas we applied a quantity & time frame threshold prior to plotting the map

Here’s a short list of the Top 10 Cities for Vinyl Siding that “frankly” surprised us (with links to the pages that generated them):

  • Rockville Maryland
    • population: 61,209
    • Rockville, MD 20850
  • Dayton Ohio
    • population: 166,179
    • Dayton, OH 45419
  • Falls Church Virginia
    • population: 11,169
    • Falls Church, VA 22042
  • Richmond Kentucky
    • population: 27,152
    • Richmond, KY 40475
  • Mason Ohio
    • population: 22,019
    • Mason, OH 45040
  • East Longmeadow Massachusetts
    • population: 15,720
    • East Longmeadow, MA 01028
  • Cincinnati Ohio
    • population: 331,285
    • Cincinnati, OH 45255
  • Sterling Virginia
    • population: 169,599
    • Sterling, VA 20164
  • Westerly Rhode Island
    • population: 22,787
    • Westerly, RI 02891
  • Stow Massachusetts
    • population: 7,083
    • Stow, MA 01775

It just goes to show, unless you crunch the numbers, you really just never know.  Vinyl Siding has been the #1 most requested and searched for siding for many years now and as you can see it’s #1 all across the US.

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