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Why You Should Have Your Windows And Siding Replaced At The Same Time

Why You Should Have Your Windows and Siding Replaced at the Same Time

Summer is on its way. The snow has melted and spring cleaning has worked its magic on your garage. The time has finally come to consider a few larger, more involved home improvements. Although shiny new kitchens and freshly tiled bathrooms usually make it to the top of the honey-do list, consider the importance of an external face-lift for your home. Replacing your home’s siding and windowsisn’t just a matter of improving its curb appeal. Your old siding and windows could be costing you a small fortune. Homes with energy inefficient windows have much higher energy costs in comparison to their modern counterparts. It is tempting when considering these two home improvement projects to pick just one. In reality, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and replace your windows at the same time as your siding.

Replacing a home’s siding usually goes hand in hand with replacing its windows. The most obvious reason for this pairing is that it is simply less work. Caulking and sealing projects of this size is no small task. If windows and siding are replaced simultaneously, this process need only happen once. In addition, trim and siding will often have to be adjusted to allow for new windows. As long as the existing siding and trim around the edge of the windows needs to be removed, you may as well take on a full siding replacement.

Upfront costs will also be lower if you replace your siding and windows at the same time. There are significant costs associated with hiring labor, renting tools and setting up scaffolding to replace your siding or your windows. There is no reason to incur these expenses twice. As long as everything is set up to replace your siding, you may as well replace your windows too.

Finally, if you are hiring a contractor to take on your outside projects, you could save money by rolling these two projects into one time frame. Because the upfront costs will be lower, and continuing work will be a sure thing, your contractor may be able to work with you to secure a lower overall price for the work performed. In addition, because your home improvements will increase the overall energy efficiency of your home, your state or city may provide rebates for something like a window replacement and other energy efficient improvements. You can take that rebate and use it toward your full siding replacement.

It may seem overwhelming to take on both a siding replacement and a window replacement at the same time. However, taking on both projects simultaneously truly is a smart move. A siding and window upgrade is sure to save on energy costs, and turning two projects into one will save you money in the long run.

To find out exactly how much siding and windows would cost on your home, simple go to our Free Siding & Window Estimate Request form.

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