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Wholesale Vinyl Siding

Wholesale Vinyl Siding

Wholesale vinyl siding is a great option to consider when re-doing or installing for the first time an exterior finish to your home. Vinyl siding is manufactured by co-extrusion. It involves two layers of PVC being laid down on top of one another. Vinyl siding is usually made out of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, and a small bit of tin. The siding contains a pigment and other chemicals are added to resist the inevitable breakdown from UV light. Vinyl siding does not need to be painted, but like paint, it will fade over time. There are many variations in the wholesale vinyl siding that the consumer should be aware of before they purchase.

The main appeal to wholesale vinyl siding is the lower cost of materials. Vinyl siding can range from $1.00/sq. ft. -$7.00+/sq. ft., and the prices can be begin to sky rocket once you figure out the square footage of your home. This is the first step that you should take before shopping around and comparing prices on wholesale vinyl siding. Calculate the entire exterior square footage of the home, this way, when talking to stores, wholesalers, and contractors who have a solid number for them to base their prices off of. While talking to them, be sure to ask relevant questions about the material and services that they offer.

Wholesale vinyl siding will be on the lower end in terms of cost, but this could end up costing more money in the long run. Often some contractors will only use certain kinds or brands of materials, and likely, they have to be purchased from the contractor himself or herself. This will leave self-installation as the only remaining option, so it is important to first know how the siding needs to be installed. Will this be a self-improvement project or one that a contractor completes?

Not all contractors refuse to use already purchased materials, but it is important to ask them when shopping around. A good contractor can also give advice on good brands or desirable qualities to look for in the wholesale vinyl siding. A contractor’s information is often invaluable when selecting a product, so do not feel awkward about asking for their opinion. There are more than a few thousand options available on the market, and the differences and features can appear overwhelming.

There are three things that you should look at before deciding to purchase your wholesale vinyl siding: cost, color, and insulation. The cost of the material will be the deciding factor for most households when making a purchase. But prices vary, and often so will the quality for the same price. Color is not an overly important factor, but remember more neutral colors like beige fade less quickly than darker reds or blues. Insulation is a critical thing to examine when making your purchase and it can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Vinyl siding is a great option to protect your home, and wholesale vinyl siding is likely to give the best price, just make sure to examine the details of the product.

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