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Fiber Cement Siding Costs, Pros And Cons

Fiber Cement Siding Costs, Pros and Cons

Fiber cement siding is a very durable and appealing product to look into when choosing the exterior siding for your home.
The advantages of choosing fiber cement siding greatly outweigh the disadvantages, but for some the disadvantages are a sticking point. What are they? Well, the big one is price. Fiber cement siding cost can fluctuate, but it is generally more expensive than vinyl siding.

The two main things that drive up fiber cement siding cost is its durability and resistance. Fiber cement siding can withstand impacts and the effects of moisture much better than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding undergoes an amount of expansion and contraction (a 1/4 inch per 12 feet is standard), depending on the outdoor temperature. Properly installed fiber cement siding can withstand the temperature changes, the weather, and won’t warp or begin to tear. The resistance it has to moisture also makes it less likely to molding however it won’t rot. Hardboard siding can be very vulnerable to mold and rot, especially down near the foundation or in spots that stay shaded. Not only that, hardboard siding can be destroyed be termites and other wood-infesting insects, which do not effect fiber cement siding – which is one of it’s huge pluses.

Another factor that drives up fiber cement siding cost is its Class 1(A) fire/flame spreading rating. This means that fiber cement siding is fireproof, and all Class 1(A) products carry the highest level of protection. This fireproof-ness can mean a lot to a family in an area that suffers from wildfires or in a city where houses can get very close together.

But, you really want fiber cement siding, perhaps it’s just too much. There are ways to find discounts to bring the fiber cement siding cost down to a more manageable level. The first is whether or not it is painted. Almost all fiber cement siding manufacturers offer their products primed and painted. And while the paint applied at the factory can last much longer than conventional paint after the siding has been installed, it does really increase the expense. Generally, a painted version of the same product versus a primed version will often times double the price. And many homeowners like the idea of the connivence and life of factory paint, many do not want to pay the added on fiber cement siding costs.

The final factor that has the potential to increase the overall fiber cement siding cost will be the installation. The siding is very heavy, much heavier than vinyl and wood siding. The weight makes it awkward to handle alone, which can lead to breakage in the pieces. Another nasty effect can be health dangers from breathing in the dust created over extended periods of time. But, shopping around for the right contractor will save you from self-installation and will also give you a flawless exterior on your home.

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