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Back By Popular Demand: Our Sq. Ft. Calculator

Back by Popular Demand: Our Sq. Ft. Calculator

Ok we get it, we get it!   You like our calculators… 

Due to popular demand we’ve updated our square feet calculator and put it back up at:  Honestly the reason we move our square footage calculators off of was because it looked like Google didn’t like us having so much interest in our calculators and we started losing traffic for our intended audience “house siding consumers and contractors”.  Now we believe our loss of traffic was due to the Panda updates.  Now we are working around the clock to correct the issues Google does want us to fix so that we may earn back our audience YOU!  Honestly, the whole point we are online is to HELP people just like YOU!  We don’t want you paying too much for siding… that doesn’t mean we expect siding contractors to work for free, they deserve an honest wage just like everybody else.  Our goal is to educate all parties involved and from there an agreeable common ground may be discovered. Calculators like this one are key to establishing that common ground.

When a Common Ground is Established, a True Win-Win Situation Can Occur.

When it comes to house siding, the starting common ground is your home’s exterior square footage (ESF).  Once you know your ESF you can talk intelligently about the various siding material cost differences, you can compare estimates from multiple contractors and you can also research product and/or labor costs as they relate to your exact home’s ESF.

Using a square feet calculator like ours helps you with conversions from feet to square feet, inches to square inches not to mention feet to inches or vice versa.  Enjoy!

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