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Need To Calculate Your Siding Squares?

Need to Calculate your Siding Squares?

Area = Length x Width ÷ 100, plus all the fixed

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Whether you’re a siding contractor, do-it-yourself or a home owner getting educated about vinyl siding, this calculator is gonna help you!

It calculates our usual details (on steroids):

TOTAL Value Description
Squares of Siding 1 Squares
Square Feet 100 Sq. Ft.
Height in Feet 10 height feet + height inches
Length in Feet 10 length feet + length inches
Square Inches 14400 Sq.In.
Height in Inches 120 height feet + height inches
Length in Inches 120 length feet + length inches

And it also calculates some additional stuff like: Here’s the number of boxes needed for 1 Square of Vinyl Siding:

SQ’s per Box Boxes Needed
2 1
1/2 2
1/3 3

* numbers are rounded up to the next whole box

Heck it even gives you some insight into calculating waste…

What about calculating for waste?

Yes calculating for waste is a VERY IMPORTANT thing. Some contractors calculate up to 30% on top of the raw exterior square footage (just the parts that will get vinyl siding) but it really depends on the project. Back in our contracting days we used to get our waste down between 5~10% (max) but we had to be very consious of reusing our cut-offs and plan the order of the walls we would do (plan our cuts). Most skilled vinyl siding installers will probably need to calculate around 15~20% on most projects. Your results may vary. There honestly is A LOT of skill that goes into bidding and installing vinyl siding. Take your time, proper planning in the begining will save you a lot of potential headaches in the long run.

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