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CASE STUDY: Siding Searches In New Jersey Equal Over $1,000,000 In Sales

CASE STUDY: Siding Searches in New Jersey equal over $1,000,000 in Sales

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There are over 41,000 searches per year performed on Google for search terms related to “Vinyl Siding” and “Siding” in “New Jersey”.

If you hold top ranking in the organic search results on Google for Siding related terms, the typical amount of resulting traffic (visitors) is 33% of the total possible.

41,000 x 33% = 13,530

The typical conversion rate for a siding contractor online (low estimate) is 2%.

13,530 x 2% = 271

The average close rate of a Siding Contractor “worth their salt” is 33%.

271 x 33% = 89 Jobs

The nation (low) average for a Vinyl Siding job is $12,000.

$12,000 x 89 Jobs = $1,068,000.

… ya, I know! Wow, right!?!

Are you a contractor in New Jersey or elsewhere? Contact us and we’ll show you how to get these jobs on your own (without QuinStreet, ServiceMagic, Cwin or Anybody).

BTW, we’ve been in the Siding ‘Game’ Online since 2001… we know what we’re talking about. …just sayin’

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