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Actual Vinyl Siding Job With Detialed Price Breakdown

Actual Vinyl Siding Job with Detialed Price Breakdown

Want the REAL Details on a Vinyl Siding Job well check out the Two Story Face Lift – Vinyl Siding Details Project Scope: There was a real rot issue that we dealt with by removing the bad portions (including all LP horizontal lap siding), re-sheeting, treating and sealing with Vulkem caulking.…

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Vinyl Siding Prices Exposed Via The Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Vinyl Siding Prices Exposed via the Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Why Expose Vinyl Siding Prices? There used to be a day when homeowners who were interested in vinyl siding could only get a ballpark vinyl siding price idea by inviting a siding salesman into their home. And then they really didn’t have any negotiating power because there wasn’t a baseline standard on how much vinyl…

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The Problem With Vinyl Siding Prices & The Solution

The Problem with Vinyl Siding Prices & the Solution

Vinyl siding cost and vinyl siding prices are still such a mystery to so many consumers but we are making great headway in changing that.  Why is this a problem? It’s quite simple really, there are siding companies out there (mainly the big national & name brand endorsed ones) who are charging outrageous prices.…

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7 Steps To Saving BIG On Vinyl Siding

7 Steps to Saving BIG on Vinyl Siding

Helping homeowners save on Vinyl Siding has always been one of our primary purposes for being online. NOW we have honed all of our knowledge, tools & inside information into an easy to follow system of 7 specific steps. “If YOU were an ex-siding contractor, these are the exact steps…

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Vinyl Siding Colors In-Sight

Vinyl Siding Colors In-Sight

Today’s Vinyl Siding comes in a wide array of Colors Vinyl siding is one of the most popular products used on the exterior of home’s today. It’s low cost and simple installation have caused a large boom in its demand. The increase in the demand has also given the market a…

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How Much Does Siding A House Cost?

How Much Does Siding a House Cost?

As many House Siding consumers have discovered you can pay a lot of siding BUT you really don’t have to if you know what to do. If I told you that some homeowners have easily paid double what they could have for siding on their home, would you believe me?…

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