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Siding Materials Only Gaining On Vinyl Siding Installed Estimate Requests?
Siding Materials Only Gaining on Vinyl Siding Installed Estimate Requests?

BREAKING NEWS! Are Siding Do-It-Yourself-ers Growing in Popularity over the king Vinyl Siding Installed professionally estimate requests? You be the Judge… In a report just released one can clearly see a solid number of “Materials Only” estimate requests where their once should have been “Vinyl Siding – Full Install” estimate…

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Vinyl Siding STILL The #1 Most Used Siding Material
Vinyl Siding STILL the #1 Most Used Siding Material

The 2008 Census Bureau published that vinyl siding has held steady at 32% of the overall market share in both 2008 and 2007. Here’s the Siding Market Share breakdown: 32% – Vinyl Siding 25% – Brick 23% – Stucco 12% – Fiber Cement 06% – Wood 02% – Other To…

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REPORT: Vinyl Siding Estimates In New Jersey
REPORT: Vinyl Siding Estimates in New Jersey

A siding estimates report was released to us today for New Jersey state. It clearly shows that vinyl siding estimates are once again #1 for the area. This report shows homeowners that requested Vinyl Siding Estimates for New Jersey from the Contractors With Integrity Network™ (Cwin™). ref.: Contractors With Integrity

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