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Melted Vinyl Siding On Good Morning America
Melted Vinyl Siding on Good Morning America

Melted Vinyl Siding on Good Morning America In the 9/30/2010 Good Morning America story about the damage caused by some energy efficient windows, vinyl siding is again showcased in a very poor light. Albeit this is a very serious issue which we at have been monitoring for quite some…

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What Makes A Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?
What Makes a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation?

The answer will be unique to each individual, home and situation… BUT there are some common elements that will be found with ALL Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installs… First of all, what is a Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation? The vinyl siding LOOKS like wood. That’s the whole point of…

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Surprising Top Cities For Vinyl Siding
Surprising Top Cities for Vinyl Siding

Some of The Top Cities for Vinyl Siding may surprise you. We ran the numbers, and plotted a map to show the cities with the highest number of vinyl siding estimate requests. Of course ALL areas across the USA have requests for vinyl siding but if we plotted all of…

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So What The Heck IS A Square Of Siding?
So What the Heck IS a Square of Siding?

Short Answer: 100 Square Feet. Long Answer,  from our Square of Siding definition page: Square: (house siding) Abbreviation: SQ A Square is a term that is used by Siding Contractors, Installers, Suppliers and Manufacturers that is short for 100 square feet of siding. Not sure what a “Square Foot” is? See our: definition of…

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Wholesale Vinyl Siding
Wholesale Vinyl Siding

Wholesale vinyl siding is a great option to consider when re-doing or installing for the first time an exterior finish to your home. Vinyl siding is manufactured by co-extrusion. It involves two layers of PVC being laid down on top of one another. Vinyl siding is usually made out of…

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7 Steps To Saving BIG On Vinyl Siding
7 Steps to Saving BIG on Vinyl Siding

Helping homeowners save on Vinyl Siding has always been one of our primary purposes for being online. NOW we have honed all of our knowledge, tools & inside information into an easy to follow system of 7 specific steps. “If YOU were an ex-siding contractor, these are the exact steps…

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Melting Vinyl Siding From Window Reflection
Melting Vinyl Siding from Window Reflection

Although we don’t endorse the ice rock throwing statement, there is a lot of good information. We’ve been getting numerous emails about this type of event occurring for several years now so we know this is not a farce.

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