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Square Feet (SqFt, Sq.Ft., sq.ft., ft2)

Square Feet

Abbreviations: SqFt, Sq.Ft., sq.ft., ft2, Ext. SqFt
A.K.A. (also known as): Ext. SqFt = Exterior Square Feet Exterior Square Feet (Ext. SqFt) is a term that we use to denote the total amount of siding material needed for a particular siding job including material waste.

Square Feet are just more than one Square Foot. (i.e. – 1 square foot, 2 square feet)

So what is a “square foot”?

A “square foot” is a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one foot on each side, see example below; 0.0929 square meters. Abbrev.: ft2, sq. ft.

Using the formula above, let’s bring this all together.
Example: You have a wall on your house that is 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide. ( 10′ x 10′ )

What is the square footage of this wall?

Answer: 10′ x 10′ = 100 ft2 (100 ft2 = 100 SqFt = 100 sq.ft. = 100 Ext. SqFt)

Now if a product costs $1.50 psf (per square foot) and you need 100 sq.ft. your cost would be $150.00.

$1.50 psf x 100 sq.ft. = $150.00

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