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A Ranch: Caught in the Act

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A Ranch: Caught in the Act

This great looking ranch was acquiring new owners, when an inspector noted some LP T1-11 bad spots. We came in, took care of the rot, installed some great products and (the best part) all in perfect timing for the new owners move-in. All smiles as usual.

Project Scope: This house really looked just fine but it had some of the telltale signs of LP rot on the LP T1-11 bottom edges and above the garage door. Around the windows and on the seams were just fine (these are both spots to watch on LP T1-11). We removed the bad areas of LP T1-11, re-sheeted, and sealed with Vulkem caulking. Then we installed Tyvek underlayment and sealed around the windows and doors with Tyvek tape. Thus, creating a very effective weather membrane under the soon to be installed new siding. Next was the installations of the siding, which was all performed flawlessly as usual. We painted the shutters to match the trim, reinstalled them and did a final finish cleaning of the siding and job site.

And Voila! Another Exciting Home Exterior

Products used: Certainteed Monogram Vinyl Siding color Light Maple, Trim color Ivy Green, Tyvek underlayment
Services rendered : LP T1-11 spot removal, rot repair, installed Tyvek, Vinyl siding installed, painted shutters to match & provided extra paint to match new siding colors.
Interior square footage: 1,900 sq.ft. (1,450 livable space + 440 sq.ft. garage)
Exterior square footage raw: 1,669.5 sq.ft. (raw surface area)
Material square footage needed: 1870 sq.ft. (material needed)
Price: Siding 1870 sq.ft.
x $4.50 =$8,415.00
Tear-off 0 sq.ft.
x $0.50 =$0.00
Total = $8,415.00
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