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The Failing LP Siding Stages

So somehow you’re stuck dealing with the “dreaded” failing lp siding problem. Don’t worry – all is not lost. The important point here is, the sooner you catch it – the better.

We are very cost effective in our suggestions and we do our absolute best in hammering down exactly what it is going to cost to rectify your failing lp siding problem. In most cases the rot repair (if caught early enough) is included in our re-side price quote.

Notice on the right column of this page there are pictures showing the various stages of failing LP Siding. These stages are common of other LP Siding like materials (i.e. – Omniboard, Masonite, Smurfit, etc.). If your siding reaches Stage 4 or 5 in the wrong area (i.e. – around a window, on a chimney, above a door, etc.) it opens the window for some serious rot issues beyond the siding (i.e. – framing damage, drywall deterioration, flooring damage and the like). Again, the main idea here is to catch it before it catches you. Once it starts failing it’s just a matter of time.

Our Product Knowledge

Back before we started this company, when we were still working as subcontractors for another company, we identified the issues with LP before all the failing started. At that point we discontinued installing LP products. Yes we turned away work due to what we call “Siding Ethics.” We maintain that viewpoint today. We will not replace a failing siding product with another product that has a failing history or a high propensity to fail.

Other Failing LP Siding Pictures

Should I buy a home with lp siding?

If there are any signs of the LP Siding failing, we advise getting the LP Siding removed or repaired and covered before purchasing a home. Why? When you buy the home the LP Siding issues are now yours to deal with! It takes your time and your money, once you own the home. Also, many lending companies have identified the problems with homes that have LP Siding on them and the lending companies will deny financing until the LP Siding issues have been dealt with. This is the “short answer” to “should I buy a home with lp siding on it.” As with all things it’s
entirely your call, well unless you are getting financing.

The Shorter Answers

Should I buy a home with lp siding on it if I’m paying cash? I wouldn’t, unless you own a siding company or have the repair costs deducted and have some spare time on your hands. Get the lp siding issues fixed first.
Should I buy a home with lp siding on it if I’m getting financing? You may not have a choice. If there are any signs of LP Siding rot, delamination or failing the chances of passing inspection are very slim. And if the home fails inspection for LP Siding issues many lending companies will not approve your financing – hence you may not have a choice.

I have failing LP Siding, what should I do?
The Short Answer: the sooner you get it fixed the better.
If your LP Siding is already showing signs of rot, delamination, fungus, mold, swelling, mushrooms or separation – it’s just a matter of time before you have a real problem on your hands.

What about Smart Lap®, Smart Side® siding and Smart Panel® siding?
Our Opinion: We DO NOT advise installing this stuff, PERIOD!
If you want this stuff installed there are plenty of companies that will install it for you.
Due to LP Corp., their lawyers and our legal system – we CAN NOT say anything other than our OPINION – even then we have to be very carefull. You will have to fill in the blanks.

* Smart Lap®, Smart Side®, LP® and Smart Panel® are registered trademarks of the Louisiana Pacific Corporation

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