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Siding Calculators: for House Siding

The purpose of this page is to list all of our useful siding calculators that we have here at Siding4U. Calculators is a great way to quickly get to the numbers you need. We could tell you how to do something, and we do have lots of instructional content here on Siding4U but to actually give you calculators that do the “heavy lifting” for you, now that’s useful.
Need help with any of our Calculators? If you ever don’t understand something about any of our calculators, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. We created these siding calculators as tools to help you and the last thing we’d want is for them to be confusing in any way.

Top 3 Siding Calculators Online

1) Siding Cost Calculator

This calculator takes your homes exterior square footage and gives you price ranges for economy & High quality vinyl siding without soffits and fiber cement & cedar siding with painting costs.
The purpose of this calculator is to lift the veil on siding prices and empower you with average siding prices. So, when you receive your estimate requests for your home you will know whether that bid is in the “ballpark” or not. If that contractor isn’t, it’s time to start asking some serious questions as to why that is. An ethical contractor will easily be able to justify their prices.

2) Siding Square Feet Calculator

This calculator takes wall length times wall height and calculates square feet. You can enter feet and/or inches in whole numbers or decimals for both length and height.
Why did we make this calculator? Well… one of the numbers you absolutely NEED to know, when considering siding for your home, is your home’s Exterior Square Feet (Ext. SqFt). With this calculator, in conjunction with our How-To Calculate Your Exterior Square Footage (a detailed how to page), you’ll be able to confidently & accurately calculate your home’s Ext. SqFt.

3) Vinyl Siding Squares Calculator

This calculator takes length and height (just like the Siding Square Feet Calculator) with one key difference – it converts the square footage to siding squares.
While this calculator is useful for several different types of siding it is especially useful for vinyl siding. If you scroll down below that calculator you’ll find your siding squares calculation is converted to the number of boxes of vinyl siding and boxes of vinyl siding shakes calculated for the number of siding squares. Pretty cool huh.?.?.?

All of Our Calculators have One Thing in Common... Details, Details, Details.

With our calculators we try to give you the most useful information we can.
Example: when calculating square feet we not only give you the square footage calculation, we also give you the total: height in feet, length in feet, square inches, height in inches and length in inches.

How’s that for details?.?.?

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