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GET REAL Siding Prices
from Actual Ex-Siding Pro's
Turned Siding Consumer Advocates!

NOT just some Corporate Blogger pumping out disinformation online … [bless their hearts]

Vinyl Siding Prices

Vinyl Siding never needs painting, is low maintenance, and affordable.

Cedar Siding Prices

Cedar Siding is nature’s solution to protecting your home while looking beautiful.

Fiber Cement Siding Prices

Fiber Cement Siding looks like real wood but costs less and is fire retardant.

Why have Siding Prices been such a Mystery until now?

Until we came along it has been very difficult for homeowners to get even a “ball park” price idea on what it will cost to re-side their home – especially if they were thinking vinyl siding. Why? The answer is two fold. On one hand some siding companies have not wanted homeowners to know how much siding should cost so they can over-charge and make 2 to 3 times more money. On the other hand, there are a lot of variables that could legitimately make installing siding on one house a lot more labor intensive than another. In this case if a siding company is “up front” with their siding prices, homeowners could try to hold the honest siding company to those prices. And the honest siding company would often times lose money on doing a particular siding project like this.

The solution is simple really,

Get Honest about your Siding Prices & educated homeowners.

There are averages & common siding prices and if homeowners know what those prices are it becomes very hard for overpriced siding salespeople to get away with overcharging. So getting that pricing information to you, the siding consumer is crucial. Everybody needs to know exactly how much siding should cost.
Homeowners also need be educated that these siding prices are averages and their specific home may cost more or less to have siding put on their home. See the price disclaimer for additional details.

What have we done to help be part of the solution and not part of the problem?

We’ve brought you:

  • vinyl, cedar & fiber cement siding prices via our exclusive Siding Cost Calculator which compares the costs of economy vinyl siding, high quality vinyl siding, fiber cement siding with painting and lap cedar siding with painting.
    • explanations between the different siding price cost groups (ranges).
  • individual vinyl siding prices so you can compare one product against the next and actually see the “REAL” differences between vinyl siding products (not some jacked up version of the truth).
  • an entire step-by-step program called the Save On Siding™ System that was designed to simplify the process of getting the best deal on siding and pulling back the curtain on siding prices.
We have gone to great lengths with minimal industry cooperation to bring these siding prices to you – we hope they help simplify your siding buying process.  Enjoy!

Do you know the difference between Siding Prices from Siding Professionals and Siding Prices from Corporate Bloggers?

Simple Answer: Siding professionals know how much siding should cost from years of experience and corporate bloggers only know what they’ve researched (and there is a lot of disinformation out there on siding prices… a good amount of it from the corporate copywriters themselves… ironic huh?.?.?)
But bless their hearts. These “corporate bloggers” are only doing what they are told… who can blame them really? It’s not like they are intentionally trying to deceive you. They were instructed to write Search Engine Optimised (SEO) articles and content on the popular topic of “siding prices”. It’s not like they’re “sinister” people trying to divert your attention from “real” information about how much siding should cost, or is that exactly what the corporate executives behind the corporate bloggers are really trying to do. You be the judge. Who do you want to get your information from? Seasoned Professionals or writers with zero siding experience… the choice is obvious, I know.

Fact 1)  We are the first website to bring actual siding prices online.

Fact 2)  Corporate Executives in the vinyl siding industry have said, “there is NO WAY [to put siding prices online].

Fact 3)  There are a lot of websites trying to target homeowners who are searching for “siding prices” but offer information with no real value or worse – total disinformation.

Fact 4)  Just by reading this webpage, and telling just 1 other person you can help others save $1,000’s on their siding… and make this world a better place.

The Fastest & Easiest way to get the Best Deal on Siding.

” I wanted to design a step by step procedure that anyone to could follow but was advanced enough to ensure that each potential siding consumer could shop like a pro and get the best deal possible for exactly what they want. Our Save On Siding™ system is exactly that and then some. “

Our 7 step Save On Siding™ system:

  1. Define Your Project
  2. Define What You Want (getting specific)
  3. Measure Your Home’s Exterior (and why you need this)
  4. SOS™ EDU 101 (inside info. before you get estimates)
  5. Get FREE Estimates (learning how & why)
  6. SOS™ EDU 201 (research, comparison & evaluation)
  7. How to Pick the BEST Estimate, Price & Company for YOU


If you follow the Save On Siding™ System as we have detailed – we promise that you will save on your siding, period!*   How can we make such a promise? This program was designed by: the nations top siding consumer advocates, ex-siding company owners, ex-siding salesmen and master craftsman siding installers. We’ve got all the goods on how to save on siding and we’re passing our inside information on to you. To learn more go to our Save On Siding™ details page.
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