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Siding FAQ

Why is it so difficult to find out how much my siding project will cost?

That’s a good question. Check out our Prices web page, from there you can search price ideas and find out how to calculate your homes exterior square footage which is what all of our prices are based on – p.s.f. (per square foot.).

I have a failing siding, what should I do next?

The important point is to catch it before it causes structural damage and to not replace it with another product that has a probability or propensity to fail again. Check our our Failing Siding Help Page web page, from there you can follow links to official web sites for the various failing sidings. Also, you can learn a little about the process. You can also visit our Example Homes web page and learn about how we have solved other homeowners siding issues.

Is there a particular time of year that is best for installing siding?

Most siding companies work year around!

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