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Siding Industry Average™ Price

Siding Industry Average™ Price

These prices are the maximum prices you should ever entertain paying any “legal” company for a particular product and/or service in the Siding Industry in our area. The Siding Industry Average™ (SIA™) prices are calculated on what the average per square foot (psf) price is for a particular product and/or service is in our area based on benchmarks that we have established. These prices are generated by us in an attempt to bring a common ground to purchasing products and/or services from us or any other company in the Siding Industry.

This is an Average Price? Yes this is the average price so that means that some companies are quite a bit more than these listed prices. We worked up a Vinyl Siding Cost Analysis sheet to illustrate this point. As the average price of the various products and/or services change we will update these prices.

Why is SIA™ needed? As you can observe from the Vinyl Siding Cost Analysis sheet some companies are charging outrageous amounts for Vinyl Siding. You of course are more than welcome to choose to pay these prices but our information shows that most people do not have any idea what vinyl siding should cost. So, we have established the Siding Industry Average™ (SIA™) prices to bring a common ground to mainly the Vinyl Siding Industry but also the Siding and Window Industry as a whole.

What area is SIA™ for? These prices are for the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area and should be treated as such. But, these prices do hold up as a good “ball park” price idea for a majority of the United States.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When looking at these various list prices you must really look at quality and value. What is the value that a particular company adds to a particular product and/or service? Why? Because once the job is done you are left with the quality of the products installed and the level of craftsmanship with which the products were installed. There are a few other factors depending on what products you are looking at but as a whole not much else maters in the long run. In short, do your homework it will pay off in the long run and as always trust your gut. Having a good feeling about the company you choose to do business with makes all the difference in the world.

Logo, Siding Industry Average™ and SIA™ are Trade Marks (TM). Any use without express written permission is prohibited and unauthorized. You may obtain written permission by Contacting Us.

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