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Industry Attitude about Vinyl Siding Prices

To illustrate why these prices have not been made public, until now:
A Quote from a Vinyl Siding Manufacturer (Mfg) :
Explanation: On a leading vinyl siding mfg’s web page the attitude about vinyl siding prices and vinyl siding costs are illustrated quite nicely. The name of the manufacturer is not included because they are just stating the common attitude that exists in this industry today – they don’t mean to mislead anyone intentionally.

The Quote: “How much does it cost to side a home?
Because we offer sidings at a number of price points to fits any need and any budget, and because every home and siding job is unique, there is NO WAY to answer this question. The best thing to do is invite a siding contractor to your home so he can measure it accurately and discuss other needs you may have.”’s Answer: Well we do! We give ballpark prices right up front but we don’t stop there we give people cost ideas also through our example homes pages and we also use these example homes on our individual product pages to show you those prices in action with real world example. We understand you are just looking for an idea of how much this stuff costs, not a legally binding price quote – that is left to the contractors who will give you precise siding estimates. We simply help educate you so you have an up front idea what a good deal on siding will look like but that valuable little piece of information can and has saved homeowners literally thousands ($1,000’s) of dollars. Example: overpriced vinyl siding $25,000 – realistic quality contractor $10,000 = $15,000 SAVINGS plus best products & best installation. And no this example is not an over exaggeration, We’ve seen that exact scenario time and time again.

Why are these vinyl siding prices important? You need these prices to be able to calculate your vinyl siding costs. Also, establishing a common ground or point of reference is necessary to be able compare different companies against each other. Without up front prices you would have to invite every siding company in your area to your home prior to having any idea what they charge (imagine inviting a very aggressive car salesman into your home who is not going to leave until you buy a car – ouch, not a fun evening.)

Siding Industry Average™ Vinyl Siding Prices

  • These prices are the maximum prices you should ever entertain paying any “legal” company for a particular product and/or service
  • Your actual prices should be equal to or less than the prices quoted here
  • Request an estimate to get your Exact psf prices.
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