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What Color Of Blinds Should I Choose? – Which Color Is For You?

What Color of Blinds Should I Choose? – Which Color is For You?

Everyone dreams of owning a comfortable and appealing home. However, have you ever had doubts figuring out, what color of blinds should I choose? Choosing the best color of blinds is not an easy undertaking and you may find the entire process daunting and taxing. The good thing is that there are exceptional strategies you can utilize and make profound choices.

What Color of Blinds Should I Choose?

Blinds are mostly selected to match the painted trim in the room you are planning to decorate. But then again, the decision you make can be complicated. If you have a unique sense of style or feel you want something that will stand out, you can still choose the best color of blinds. Here are a number of things to keep in mind.

What Color of Blinds Should I Choose

Color for Blinds-The Basics

You need to know how long you intend to keep your blinds. Figure out when you plan to sell your home. Also, decide if you just want to redecorate your home, but don’t want to change blinds. It’s best to choose neutral colors that blend well with your flashy style and will last long.

To meet your style expectations, go for white, off-white or wood stained shades that blend well with the trim in your home. If you opt for shutters, match your woodwork closely and ensure the frame and shutter are perfectly fitted.

For mini blinds, make white or off-white your number one color choice. And if you decide to invest in wood blinds; white, wood stain or off-white are best options to match the woodwork of the rooms. These are fashionable color options you will without a doubt fall in love with.

If you are thinking of incorporating silhouettes and luminettes in your project, neutral colors will help meet your expectations. For woven woods, feel free to make roman shades and honeycomb your number one choice.

Choosing the Best Color of Blinds-Tips to Guide You

To choose the best color of blinds, put a number of things into consideration. They include;

  • Darkness of Blinds

Dark mini blinds or wood blinds are known to show a lot of dust. This is a trait that many homeowners are not comfortable with and wish they could choose lighter blinds instead. Fortunately, you can still make dusting easy by using a brush vacuum attachment.

Alternatively, choose roman shades, honeycomb shades or woven woods for your home. However, bear in mind that dark blinds keep out more light and are easy to see through. They give your home a cozy lived-in feeling.

  • Brightness of Your Blinds

Bright blinds are a top choice if you want blinds that will let in more light in your home. Bright blinds will also make your living room feel cheerier and brighter as well as make your rooms look expensive.

  • Outside Look of Your Home

You may want different blinds in each room, but make sure they don’t look mismatched from the outside of your house. Your windows will look different.

Consider how each side of your house will look from the outside, and try to create a fairly uniform look for your windows. This is also something that you should keep in mind if you’re planning on getting replacement windows for your home sometime soon. 

  • Take it Easy

Don’t stress out trying to impress many people. Pick a color of blinds you like and trust that you are making the right decision. Most people will not easily notice the color of blinds you choose. Many people will just notice the overall ambience of a room. They will not easily pick out every detail of your décor. To make it easier for yourself, you can also look into the easiest blinds to clean to not have to worry about maintaining your blinds as often. 

Seek Help Today

What color of blinds should I choose? Feel free to get the advice of a window fashion professional and familiarize yourself with different color options at your disposal. You can even ask for window estimates if you’re planning on taking the extra step and plan on getting new windows as well. You will also find out what will look best in your home when you go through the various types of curtains and blinds


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