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What Type Of Blinds Are Easiest To Clean? – Low Maintenance And Durable

What Type of Blinds Are Easiest to Clean? – Low Maintenance and Durable

Of all window treatments, blinds are the most versatile. They can make your rooms feel cozy and give you a sense of warmth. You can also use creativity to add a twist to them to get the style you desire for your home. If you are also struggling with this question in your mind: what type of blinds are easiest to clean? You are about to get answers for that as well.

What Type of Blinds Are Easiest to Clean?

What Type of Blinds Are Easiest to Clean?

What Type of Blinds Are Easiest to Clean?

In this post, you will know the types of blinds that will not give you a hard time when cleaning. When you go shopping for blinds, you will not have any problem making an informed decision after reading this — especially if you’re debating on whether you should choose between drapes or blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

These will not give you cleaning headache like natural wood. With a little spray of water and a damp clean cloth, your blinds will be spotless. For allergens and bacteria, you can use a slightly non-abrasive method. You could never make a better decision for blinds when it comes to cleaning and maintenance compared to the other sorts of blinds and curtains available

Aluminum Blinds

You get a variety of cleaning and maintenance options when you choose aluminum blinds. They give you the luxury of choosing a cleaning method that you are comfortable with. You can decide to vacuum, wash or dust these blinds depending on your preference. The good news is that you will be using cleaning items that are already available in your household. The slats are painted and they give you a cleaning leeway. You can wipe them with a clean rug and get rid of dust and allergens. If you look closely, you can see a special layer of finish. It is there to help repel dust from settling on your blinds. Therefore, the problem of dust on your aluminum blinds is never something you should concern yourself. 

Cellular Shades

Of all the blinds types in this list, cellular shades are the easiest to clean. They never give you any cleaning challenges regardless of the season. One of their properties is anti-static, which keeps dust away from the surface. That means you will do cleaning once in a while. When you feel that your blinds need thorough cleaning, you simply run your vacuum cleaner brush across the surface and you are done. 

Vertical Blinds

These ones are made from PVC, thus they are more or less like faux wood. One good thing about them is that they repel dirt and dust. Cleaning them is also a piece of cake easily. You only need a light spray of water and they will shine just like they are new. 

Roller Shades

Their surface is very smooth and that means they do not gather a lot of dirt. You only spend a few minutes cleaning them. You can use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment or a damp clean cloth to wipe out dirt and dust. 

Bottom Line 

Are you still wondering, what type of blinds are easiest to clean? You now have your answers. It is your turn to decide what blinds types are the best for your needs for when you get a window replacement or are getting new windows installed in your home. Since they are all easy to clean, your preference will have the biggest say. For other questions in regards to anything windows-related, reach out to professionals who can give you insight and an estimate on what you’re looking for. 


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